Privacy Statement

Saudi Post portal is committed to protect the privacy of data saved by its visitors and users on internet, and this policy is applied on all pages that will be added later, and Saudi Post portal uses data collected from visitors and users for describing how to use the portal on Internet, and to know and meet the demands and needs of users, Privacy Policy includes the following:

Data Collected For Identifying The User

The size and quantity of received and saved data depends on the way of using the portal (web-site) on internet. The user can access the most web pages of the web-site without the need to announce his identity or revealing any of his personal data.

Saudi Post Portal (Web-site) does not force its users to enter their information data of their personal identities (such as name, address, telephone number, and email address), unless they submit it voluntarily. Saudi Post Portal can request data information of the user identity in some cases to provide certain services or for correspondence. These data information will not be shared with any other party, except only when needed to provide the services required by the user.

How To Use The Data Collected

Saudi Post portal does not distribute, sell, or lease the personal data related to users of the portal to any other third party. The portal uses the data collected to improve its presentation from the users of portal on internet, in addition to sending the data required from the user, and in special cases, some subscribers data would be transformed to third parties for technical and administrative processing only. But these parties are not allowed to distribute, sell, or lease their personal data.

How Saudi Post Portal Processes The Personal Data Of Users And Visitors

Saudi Post Portal ensures data confidentiality submitted by users within its systems work as most as possible. Saudi Post Portal does not have responsibility for the confidentiality or displaying data on Internet, therefore it affects the security and confidentiality of the saved personal data, and user have the responsibility on all risks of sending data through Internet, and any information or items sent by the user to the portal by email or any other way, would be treated as confidential data which does not have the status of privacy.